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The Company Profile

U-Optics, based in China, is a recognized leader in high-performance optical solutions across a broad infrared spectrum. Combining adequate IR material supply, extensive fabricating experience, and the standardized service, U-Optical specializes in producing high-precision IR optical components for the Medical/Life Sciences, Defense & security, Semiconductor, and Industrial OEM markets. From optics designing, to material purchase, to volume production, U-Optics endeavor to optimize your IR products for performance, cost, quality and delivery.



Our Strengths


Ample, stable and cost-efficient supply of IR materials.

Attributable to the solid relationship with renowned Chinese manufacturers in crystal growth and infrared material generation, we are capable of providing adequate and sustained IR materials to our customers, and ensure competitive prices and quick delivery.


Integrated capabilities in optics generation and international trades, bring in efficiency and profits to our customers.

U-Optics also offers the ability to combine infrared material supply, precision optical processes, various coating, reliable inspection and commercial service into a complete procedure, providing full professional support for both optics and trades. This enables our customers to obtain the highest level of optical integration and business advantage, minimizing time and cost while ensuring quality, performance and manufacturability.


Consistent and high-performance manufacturing

During its years of operational experience, U-Optics have developed unique techniques of micro-polishing which enable to easily produce elements needed for high transmission and low scattering and absorption applications.

The accumulated experience in the IR optics market, in addition to the high qualifications and strong optical background of the company’s leading staff allow U-Optics to be a reliable supplier to many OEM customers and R&D institutions around the world.


Excellent quality and efficient service

From design to delivery, our material control, in-process testing and final inspections assure that our products meet your highest specifications and quality standards.

Our sales team possess a wide range of experience of not only optics, but also the international business services. By staying close to our customers and giving straightforward honest advice, we are confident to provide our overseas customers with the excellent IR products from China.


Competitive Prices

U-Optics can offer the customers with most competitive prices and high quality of products, supported by the close associations with the domestic suppliers, its comprehensive optical manufacturing capabilities, as well as its strong ability in exploring overseas markets.


Stable and reliable business partner

We place equal focus on processing technique, customer service and innovative research. Meanwhile, we create customer value by understanding customer needs, by unconditionally guaranteeing our work and by keeping abreast of customer developments.


Contact us today to discuss your needs. Email: info@u-optics.com ,Tel: 86-010-87706033