Fabricaiton Capability


U-Optics has provided optical fabrication capabilities to our customers since 2003. On average, our operators have 15 years of optical fabrication experience.


The finished products made at our facilities include windows, lenses, prisms, modulators, waveplates, mirrors, beamsplitters, and cylinders.


U-Optics is capable of shaping and machining varieties of IR materials and geometries, and can process IR optical materials to precise customer specifications. Materials fabricated at our facilities include Ge, Si, CaF2, MgF2, ZnSe, ZnS, GaAs, Sapphire and more.


Self-contained Facilities


U-Optics has 2,04 square meters of space for automated manufacturing. U-Optics’ facility also maintains a clean room for high performance projects, a precision machine shop and Complete metrology labs.


         - Cutting Machines.
         - Grinders.
         - Single axis polishers, multiple axes polishers, double surfaces polisher.
         - High speed spherical polishers, Conventional polisher.
         - Lens Centering machine.
         - Coating machines.

         -Metrology equipments / optical inspection instruments


         Typical polishing specifications utilized by U-Optics include:


Flat optics Manufacturing

         - Size:                                   from 2mm to 300mm
         - Dimension Tolerance:   +/-0.01mm
         - Angular accuracy:           +/-2 arcsec
         - Surface quality:               10-5 S/D
         - Flatness:                            l/10@633nm


Spherical optics Manufacturing

         - Shape:                              Single lets, Cylindrical lenses, doublets.
         - Size:                                   from 2mm to 300mm diameter
         - Diameter accuracy:        +/-0.01mm
         - Radius:                               from +/-2mm to +/-3000m
         - Thickness:                        from 0.5mm to 60mm
         - Surface quality:               10-5 S/D
         - Flatness:                           l/10@633nm
         - Centre error:                    30 arcsec



Key Figures
  • Over 10 years of optical fabrication experience.
  • A variety of IR materials and geometries.
  • Complete metrology labs.
  • Reliable quality assurance.