Durable and High Refined Coatings for IR Applications

U-Optics specializes in developing and producing the most advanced IR optical coatings on a wide variety of materials including Ge, ZnS, ZnS Multispectral, ZnSe, Si, CaF2, MgF2, GaAs, AMTIR, Al and Cu. Our computer controlled coating give us enough flexibility to manufacture a wide range of optical coatings  from 260nm to the far IR such as antireflective, reflective, dielectric filters and mirrors, beamsplitters, polarizers and transparent conductive coatings.

With Extensive custom thin film design and manufacturing, U-Optics creates high optical density filters (OD4) with increased in-band transmission(T>90%) ,and multi-cavity precision band-pass capability on single element substrates.

Our vacuum chambers can accommodate substrates up to 300mm in diameter for infrared and FIR elements. Long-term experiences effectively low our coating cost which is ideal for a large volume production of high precision coatings. Quality Assurance personal is highly trained to assure stability, repeatability and quality of the coatings. Contact U-Optics sale & service office to learn more.


Our coating capabilities: various coating types, tight coating tolerances, customized coatings.



Coating Types


Ø  Broadband Antireflection Coatings for MIR & FIR

U-Optics provides infrared broadband antireflection coatings(BBAR) from 2.0μm to 12.0μm.  These coatings are available on a wide range of materials including Ge, Si,CaF2,MgF2,ZnS,ZnSe. The BBAR coatings have a low average reflection of <0.7% over a very broad range.

Ø  Single-Layer MgF2 Coatings for NIR

Single-Layer MgF2 Coating has ideal reflective index, high durability, and relative economy, but this coating is very insensitive to wavelength and incidence angle.

Ø  Antireflection Coatings for IR & FIR

U-Optics offers a complete line of antireflective coatings for the 3-5μm and 8-12μm regions on germanium, silicon, ZnS, ZnSe and other IR transmitting materials. All of our high durability coatings will pass the test as customer specified.

Ø  Dielectric Filters for IR

We offer a full line of long and short pass dielectric filters from the near infrared to the far infrared. The average pass band transmission is typically better than 90% and less than 0.1% in the rejection zone, dependent on the substrate, angle of incidence and the spectral regions.

Ø  Dichroic Beamsplitters for NIR & IR

Maximizing both transmission and reflectance bandwidth is the most important rule for handling a Dichroic beamsplitters. Your U-Optics sale representative will be glade to help you in specificing Dichroic beamsplitters.

Ø  Metal Coatings for IR

U-Optics supplies protected/enhanced gold, silver and aluminum coatings on IR transmitting materials. These metal coatings have an average reflection above 95% from 0.6μm -10μm and are less sensitive to variations in ncidence angle, wavelength, and polarization.



Standard Tolerances



Specification                                                                  Standard Tolerance


Random Optical Thickness Errors                                <5.0%

Run-to-run centering                                                        ±3%

Planetary                                                                            <3.0%

Laser damage threshold                                                >15 J/cm2
(HR, 1064nm, 10ns, 10Hz)

Absorption                                                                          <0.1%

Scatter                                                                                 <0.1%

Surface roughness                                                           20 Å rms typical




Customized Coatings


U-Optics facilities are equipped to customize coatings for special performances throughout the ultraviolet, visible and infrared ranges. These exciting capabilities enable U-Optics a truly versatile optical coating resource providing solutions for both large manufacturing as well as for prototype volumes.


When quoting, be sure to specify the following:


Ø  Wavelength

Ø  Substrate preferences

Ø  Mechanical: dimensions, including, thickness, surface quality, flatness

Ø  Tolerances

Ø  Angle of incidence

Ø  Polarization

Ø  T% minimum or average across pass bands

Ø  Slop, 50%T to OD4 or other slop specifations

Ø  Blocking-Spectral range

Ø  Testing and tracking: spectral ,environmental, and qualification


For more information about custom optical coating options, please contact U-Optics sale & service office today.


Key Figures
  • A wide range coatings from VIS to FIR.
  • A variety of coating types.
  • Coating for substrates up to 300mm.
  • Maximum energy transmission and extremely low absorption.
  • Extremely precise spectral and polarization control.
  • Environmentally robust and stable.
  • Low cost- ideal for volume production of high precision coatings.