Quality Assurance


U-Optics is a valued supplier of critical IR optical components able to withstand the rigours of the most severe environments in defense and industrial applications. All tests and inspections are carried out according to the MIL specifications:


   Surface Figure: We can manufacture flats upto λ/20 and spherical surfaces toλ/10 on a routine  basis. A coated surface figure may also be specified.


   Surface Quality: The MIL inspection criteria is adopted and surface quality can be reached up to 10/5. By using magnification, U-Optics can also perform higher levels of inspection criteria to meet our customers’ requirements.


   Radius of Curvature: U-Optics’ standard radius tolerance is ±0.5% and ±0.1% is available for selected radii.


   Concentricity: U-Optics’ standard concentricity is 0.05mm edge thickness variation and the standard centration error is 3 arc minutes.


   Clear Aperture: U-Optics specifies clear aperture in terms of the diameter or linear dimensions of this central area.


   Parallelism: 10 arc seconds is available.


   Metrology Facilities: Micrometers, Goniometers. Standard surface quality templets, Interferometer, Spectrophotometer, Microscopes Lens centering instrument , Reflectivity and transmission test systems.


Our Quality Control team uses an effective combination of the advanced testing and measurement equipment as well as unique techniques developed at U-Optics. Contact our sales & service office today to learn more about our quality control methods.


Key Figures
  • Complete metrology labs.
  • Flats surfaces uptoλ/20 and spherical surfaces toλ/10.
  • standard centration error is ≤3 arc minutes.
  • Low cost- ideal for volume production of high precision coatings.