Truly Unique Custom Optics


Custom products service is one of U-Optics’ main advantages. We have the expertise and manufacturing resources as below necessary to custom design, prototype and fabricating optical components based on you project requirements. Our expertise staff can co-develop with the customer a truly unique custom-made product. You can  contact us to discuss customized products.


Fabrication Capabilities


Dimensions:             0.05mm--300mm                                Dimensions Tolerance:    0.01mm

Radius:                      2mm--3000mm                                    Radius Tolerance:             0.01mm

Surface quality:        10-5 S/D                                                 Flatness:                              λ/10@633nm

Wavefront Error:       λ/10                                                       Parallelism:                        10 arc seconds


Our experienced engineering staff can modify fabrications to provide the best performance for a specific application.  


Quality Assurance


Our optical metrologies, including spectral photometer, goniometer, digital interferometers, Spectrophotometer, lens centering instrument,  reflectivity and transmission test systems, enable us the exact measurement of all specifications.


Our quality assurance teams guarantee the best final products. Before delivery, we inspect every product to meet customer requirements.


Prototyping and volume-production


Our dedicated engineers and skilled operators will ensure that you get the optimal design and satisfied prototyping. We have enough facilities and operators to manufacture large quantity products in schedule.


Benefiting the close relationship with material suppliers around China, U-Optics also has the flexibility of providing most IR materials blanks at competitive prices based on your requirements and quantity.


Key Figures
  • Custom design, prototype and fabrication.
  • Experienced engineering staff.
  • Cost-effective manufacture, strict inspection, and optimized service.
  • Reliable IR materials blanks supply at competitive prices.