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Integrated, efficient and stable supply of IR components

Benefit from the intensive cooperation with domestic suppliers and its own comprehensive and prominent manufacturing capabilities, U-Optics provides customers with sufficient, consistent and lower-cost IR materials. In the meantime, U-Optics is able to satisfy customers’ needs of diversified IR products and help reduce manufacturers’ expenditures in product selection and purchasing processes, and hence, improve customers’ market competitiveness.


Highly precise techniques of component processing

Although the limits of manufacture vary from configuration to another, obtainable and verifiable specifications acquired by U-Optics include figure accuracy to 1/10 λ per inch and parallelism to 1". Typical surface roughness values range from 40-120 Å RMS, depending upon material and configuration.


Efficient production and delivery

Integrated full capabilities in optical design, precision fabrication, custom coating facilities and advanced metrology systems, U-Optics has dramatically enhanced its abilities to rapidly and accurately produce single and volume components, and warrant the timely delivery to customers within 2-3 weeks in a normal circumstance.


Competitive Prices

U-Optics specializes on supply and manufacture of IR products. Attributable to strategic cooperation with material suppliers, advanced equipment and craftsmanship, along with strict cost control measures, U-Optics is very economical for high volume production. Meanwhile, savings can also be realized on lower quantities depending on material and component size.


Warranty on high quality products

Our engineering teams oversee the entire process from specification and design to prototype, manufacturing, testing and shipping. U-Optics warranties that this product will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and maintenance for a period of one year. For all other transactions, refunds will be made directly to the end purchaser.


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