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IR Materials

The infrared region of electro-magnetic spectrum is vast from the red edge 780nm of the visible all the way to the microwave spectrum with wavelength of 1mm. U-Optics defines its enterprise mission of a dedicated professional supplier to serve opto-electronic components for use throughout the whole infrared spectrum. Our job is to provide you with the components you need for research, development, manufacturing of your IR products. Although the infrared spectrum is too broad, we always keep broadening our knowledge and capabilities, to provide best components solution to our customers. 

U-Optics specializes in IR material supply and IR component processing. Supported by its comprehensive abilities and advanced techniques, U-Optics committees itself to offering the global OEM manufacturers with

consistent & reliable IR products, along with professional and efficient services. This will benefit the OEM

manufacturers to quickly adapt themselves to the changing environment and to excel the rivals.


The important concerns of the optical materials used for Infrared applications
The general materials used in the visible spectrum are not suitable for IR use. Infrared is characterized as “Thermal Radiation”, it is necessary to take into account, not only the optical parameters, but also the thermal properties of the materials used. The optical components for the use of atmosphere windows (3-5μm and 8-12 μm), are important for military imaging and surveillant systems, that also require excellent mechanical characters and chemical stability to harsh environment.
The capabilities of U-Optics in IR optical materails
For years of intensive experiences in the infrared industry and comprehensive cooperation with our customers all over the world, help us understand the IR materials deeply and ensure good material quality catering to the actual requirements of each customer. Although we don’t grow IR crystals by ourselves, we know all the sources of each kind of IR materials well, and can choose the best suitable materials for/with our customers.
Working closely with some promising manufacturers of IR material in China, enable U-Optics to offer Germanium, Silicon, Gallium Arsenide, Calcium Fluoride and Sapphire crystals at competitive prices and prompt delivery, we also supply Hot press Magnesium Fluoride and Hot press Zinc Sulfide for IR window and dome application. Although some IR materials made in China don’t have the advantage, such as CVD Zinc Selenide and Zinc Sulfide, or the IR Amorphous glass, we can also do good jobs of small dimension optics or OEM fabrication depending on our advantages of low cost manpower.
A guide to properties and applications of common Infrared optical materals
In this section of our webpages, you will see a list of the main infrared transmistting materials that we use to make our optical components, including their key properties, main applications, products
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