MgF2: resistant to mechanical and thermal shock


Magnesium Fluoride (MgF2) is a very hard, durable material transmitting from the  UV to the mid-infrared. This makes it a useful material for broad-band and  multiband systems and also for optics which are required to withstand severe  environmental conditions.


As the China leader in IR optics fabrication, U-Optics is uniquely suited to supply MgF2 components for high precision transmission flats. Typical specifications for surface quality in the visible and near infrared regions are a 40-20 scratch dig in the 3 to 7μm range. Surfaces better than 20/10 can be achieved cost-effectively. Our quality assurance department provides testing and specific optics certification on request.


MgF2 substrates and custom-designed components both can be ordered. For custom size and configurations, please contact an U-Optics’ sales representative.


Key Figures
  • Excellent Transmission from 120nm to 7μm.
  • Very hard ,Rugged and Durable.
  • Resistant to mechanical and thermal shock.
  • The best material for mid-infrared wave vector dome.
  • Available in a wide variety of diameters and focal lengths.
  • Surfaces better than 20/10.
  • High performance, mass production.



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Ø  Clear Aperture                             90%

Ø  Dimensional Tolerance            +0.0/-0.1mm

Ø  Thickness Tolerance                 ±0.1mm

Ø  Center Thickness Tol.               ±0.2mm

Ø  Surface Quality                           20/10

Ø  Centering                                    3-5 arcminutes

Ø  Surface Accuracy                       1/10λ@10.6μm

Ø  Parallelism                                 <1 acrminute





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