ZnS : High Resistance to Erosion and Abrasion


Zinc Sulfide(ZnS) is a frequent choice of infrared materials as optical elements in a variety of infrared applications from night vision to thermal imaging systems .


U-Optics is the chosen leader in IR optics and understands what is required for environments of IR optics applications. Our potent resources enable us to provide highly reliable ZnS optics for military applications or other harsh environments to resist rain erosion and high-speed dust and particulate abrasion


U-Optics’ capabilities include windows, lenses, prisms, modulators, waveplates, mirrors, and cylinders. In extensive association with optical material suppliers across China, U-Optics also provides sufficiently ZnS blanks with remarkable fracture strength and hardness.


U-Optics is able to provide state-of-the-art ZnS components at competitive price to meet the most challenging requirements. Before delivery, we inspect every product to meet customer requirements.


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Key Figures
  • Remarkable fracture strength and hardness.
  • High resistance to erosion and abrasion.
  • Flat, spherical, and aspherical manufacture expertise.
  • Grinding, polishing and shaping to > 80mm diameter.
  • High performance, cost-effective ZnS fabrication.
  • ZnS blanks and sheets available.



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Ø  Clear Aperture                                      90%

Ø  Dimensional Tolerance                     +0.0/-0.1mm

Ø  Thickness Tolerance                          ±0.1mm

Ø  Surface Quality                                     10/5

Ø  Surface Accuracy                                  1/10λ@10.6μm

Ø  Parallelism                                            <1 acr minute

Ø  Coating                                                   3-12μm  AR,<5% per surface

                                                             8-12μm  AR,<2% per surface




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