ZnSe : Ideal for Thermal Imaging and FLIR



Zinc SelenideZnSeoptics are ideal for a wide variety of infrared applications including thermal imaging, FLIR, and medical systems. This chemically vapor desposited material is widely used in high power CO2 laser systems because of its low absorption coefficient and high resistance to thermal shock.


U-Optics manufactures ZnSe products to exacting standards. By employing the minimum-damage polishing technology and the highest quality optical thin-film coatings, U-Optics carefully control ZnSe bulk absorption and internal defect structure for high-power applications. Our quality assurance department provides testing and specific optics certification on request.


ZnSe / ZnSe blanks can be ordered. For custom size and configurations, please contact an U-Optics’ sales representative.

Key Figures
  • CVD laser grade ZnSe and IR grade ZnSe.
  • Greater than 90% transmission from 3-12μm.
  • Low dispersion and low absorption.
  • Ideal for thermal Imaging, FLIR, and medical systems.
  • High performance, cost-effective ZnS fabrication.
  • Adequate ZnSe substrates and blanks available.



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Ø  Clear Aperture                                      90%

Ø  Dimensional Tolerance                     +0.0/-0.1mm

Ø  Thickness Tolerance                          ±0.1mm

Ø  Center Thickness Tol.                        ±0.2mm

Ø  Surface Quality                                    10/5

Ø  Centering                                             3-5 arcminutes

Ø  Surface Accuracy                                1/10λ@10.6μm

Ø  Parallelism                                           <1 acrminute




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