Chalcogenide GlassLow Thermal Change in Refractive index


Chalcogenide glass is melt formed and can be cast or slumped into most any size or shape. Its excellent transmission, low thermal change in refractive index and its dispersion make it easier for optical designers to develop color corrected IR optical systems free from thermal defocusing. It is also ideal in combination with other infrared materials.


Benefiting our potent resources and close partners across China, U-Optics enables chalcogenide glass the ideal candidate for medium to large volume thermal imaging and other infrared optics applications at competitive prices.


Our policy is to understand our customers expectations and to manufacture products meeting or exceeding those requirement. Our standard quality for chalcogenide glass components is: 40/20 (surface S&D)and 1/10λ(Surface Accuracy ). For chalcogenide glass materials or custom-designed components, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Key Figures
  • Excellent transmission on IR spectrum.
  • High optical homogeneity.
  • Low thermal change in refractive index.
  • Grinding, polishing and shaping to > 200 mm diameter.
  • High performance, cost-effective fabrication.
  • Adequate chalcogenide glass available.



Ø  Chalcogenide glass Lenses

Ø  Chalcogenide glass Windows

Ø  Chalcogenide glass Domes

Ø  Chalcogenide glass Mirrors




Ø  Clear Aperture                             90%

Ø  Dimensional Tolerance            +0.0/-0.1mm

Ø  Thickness Tolerance                 ±0.1mm

Ø  Center Thickness Tol.               ±0.2mm

Ø  Surface Quality                           20/10

Ø  Centering                                     3-5 arcminutes

Ø  Surface Accuracy                        1/10λ@10.6μm

Ø  Parallelism                                  <1 acrminute




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