U-Optics’ products are widely used for Infrared observation systems, airborne systems, surveillance systems, etc. Over the last 8 years, U-Optics has also provided large volumes of lenses, such as precision windows, precision prisms, wedge prisms, first surface mirrors, crystalline optics for many simulation training programs. Special optical products have also been developed for eye and instrument protection systems and a variety of Homeland Security Systems.


U-Optics has many years of experience with defense standards and the ability to test our products to these standards. We have been reinforcing our capability to take on defense applications that have the most demanding requirements for quality, cleanliness, and process control.


Representative Applications


Ø  Long range surveillance systems

Ø  Imaging Optics for Stabilized Binoculars

Ø  Multi-spectra packages

Ø  Telescope systems

Ø  Eyepiece Optics for Night Vision

Ø  Laser fusion research optics and assemblies

Ø  Bright Light Filters for Drivers Viewer Program

Ø  Aerial reconnaissance mirrors & windows

Ø  High laser damage threshold assemblies

Ø  Lens assemblies for SWIR 



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