Medical/Life Sciences


A lot of optical lenses are used for medical imaging systems and procedures requiring laser cutting and    healing, where optimal performance is foremost. U-Optics is positioned to design and manufacture complex optical products used in the Life Sciences market, including medical imaging, in vitro diagnostics, ophthalmology, DNA sequencing, laser medical devices, spectroscopy and cytology applications. we offers a wide variety of optical components in many analytical instruments measuring different body functions in both      the operating room and the lab, and also provides lenses to the world’s top manufacturers of endoscopes, providing a very wide field of view in a very small lens.


Our clean room and refined fabrication capabilities make U-Optics the ideal location for high precision system manufacturing. Our components and final coatings are free of impurities and highly resistant to environmental damage.



Representative Applications


Ø  Critical medical laser delivery systems

Ø  Medical, dental, and biological imaging devices

Ø  Machined aspheres for diagnostic ophthalmology

Ø  Micro optics such as half-balls for endoscopy devices

Ø  Laser concentrators for hair and wrinkle removal

Ø  Micro-video lens for dental intra-oral cameras

Ø  Broadband lenses for fluorescence in DNA sequencing

Ø  Sub-assembly systems for blood analysis

Ø  Diagnostic systems








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