Industry OEM


With our full optical capabilities, U-Optics is well positioned to serve various industries in supplying low-cost, high-quality, and low-weight IR optical products for commercial OEM manufacturers.


Our optical components are employed in a variety of optical measurement systems and optical sensors including applications ranging from simple laser levels to highly complex spectroscopic sensors. Many of manufacturers use our lens to focus their lasers for automated welding and cutting operations. Molded optical spheres are used by the major shippers worldwide in barcode scanning and package handling systems. Our lenses are essential components for infrared camera manufacturers for their rescue systems, maintenance systems, and automotive night vision systems.


Representative Applications


Ø  Optical measurement systems

Ø  Spectroscopic sensors

Ø  Automated welding and cutting operations

Ø  Infrared camera and night vision systems

Ø  Laser printing

Ø  automotive vision systems


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