Photovoltaic / Electro-optical Applications


Our understanding of the components and the market makes us uniquely suited as a manufacturing partner    for your photovoltaic optical and electro-optical component needs.


From large condenser lenses to a variety of cold coated optics, many of our custom solar optical components have been used in photovoltaic applications for years. We offer a wide range of high precision optical components for use in a variety of electro-optical subsystems in Industrial OEM applications.


Representative Applications


Ø  Photovoltaic Solar Cell

Ø  Laser processing of photovoltaics

Ø  Communications / fiberoptic / high power optical switching

Ø  Photovoltaic Inspection System

Ø  Light-weighted opto-mechanical structures

Ø  High precision optical components and coatings

Ø  Components for collecting and focusing solar energy

Ø  Components for advancing LED technology

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